international politics

The advent of the internet set the pace for a rapid globalization of the world. Business transactions and communication across borders can now be done in a breeze. The rapid globalization has made international politics to replace national politics in several ways. However, international politics face several turbulent situations; different national interests as well as imbalance of power, human rights and wealth are some of the most important problems of international politics.

International politics can be essentially defined as the interaction of sovereign states with each other. It is a politics that involves international relations and specifically concerns itself with the relation among sovereign states. It concerns itself with the factors and activities that affect external policies and power in various units of the world. The challenges of the international politics as pointed out above have made it really difficult to achieve an ideal situation.

The United Nations is a major international political body. Although the U.N. does not have a legal power of its own, its authority is recognized by 193 nations of the world. It is an agency which regulates international relations and ensures moderation in the process. The United Nations has various arms and each of the arms is concerned with various aspects of international politics. The recognized authority of the U.N. is made obvious in the sanctioning of certain parts of the world that go against its demands such as North Korea.

The United Nations also plays an important role in interpreting formal agreements between nations. This is an important part of international politics to ensure that political agreements and deals between different nations go smoothly. This important task ensures that harmony and peace exist between various nations concerned. With the growing social and political issues across the world, the functions of international political organizations such as the U.N. become even more pronounced. Such global organizations are needed to intervene in to steady to storm and ensure peace in the world.

Various measures are used by international political organizations to penalize nations that go against its demands. Sanctioning is one of the measures leveraged but some other measures can be leveraged. The growing international issues have made transposing to global politics common.