Best 5 websites of international politics

You cannot afford to be uniformed in this information-rich era. The globalized world has forced everyone therein to keep his attention fine-tuned in order to access every piece of information, be it terror, war, international politics, and economy. In case you have searched in vain for the best international politics website to get updated news, here are some of the top 5 websites for you.

  1. Abu Muqawama: Andrew Exum blog, Abu Muqawama is perhaps the best place to be every morning. Andrew is an excellent writer and highly experienced in international politics. He primarily majors in War Studies. His blogs can keep you up to date with information on counterterrorism, counterinsurgency, and interventions and so forth.
  2. The Best Defense: Tom Ricks’ Best Defense blog is perhaps one of the best reads. Best Defense features some of the keenest criticisms and praise. Ricks wields the two-edged sword and would not mind using either when need calls. He seldom writes in list form but Ricks’ contents have made headlines in a number of instances. The two main examples are his seminals namely: The Gamble and the Iraq War, Fiasco.
  3. The AfPak Channel: AfPak is much like the Best Defense but it is not a blog in the strict sense of it. This channel features some of the top security issues in South Asia. Writers mainly comprise top South Asian security writers. Most of the news in AfPak is mainly on Afghanistan and Pakistan. This channel contains some of the finest news you can find in the subject and area mentioned and if you are really interested in news on counterterrorism in these regions, you might need to access this channel.
  4. Danger Room: Danger Room features some of the hottest news on defense and security. The Danger Room senior writer, Spencer Ackerman, is usually the first person to report on the latest weapon system and device. If you are really interested in technical contents, this is one of the first places to be. Danger Room updates you on the latest trends in command and control and feature highly important and relevant posts.
  5. The Long War Journal: If you are really interested in drones, then look no further than the Longer War Journal. This journal tracks the U.S. use of drones in Yemen and Pakistan better than any other website. It is the best in counterterrorism and gives updated information on Al-Qaeda and the Taliban.